If you have basic programming skills and a desire to learn, consider enrolling yourself in a Python Certificate program.  If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you’ve interacted with Python. Many well-known organizations use Python for programming their flagship products, including Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Reddit.

Python is a popular, high-level programming language that has been in active development for about 30 years. Currently, the TIOBE Index, a programming community measure of the popularity of programming languages, ranks Python as the world’s third-most-popular programming language behind Java (1) and C (2).  From a community perspective, Python is growing in popularity.

Programmers increasingly prefer Python for tasks like string manipulation and searching, and also because Python manages memory usage better than Java.  It offers a standard application programming interface (API). It also works well with many popular web programming frameworks.

Python is popular among organizations like NASA and CERN, which have complex scientific and mathematical computing needs. It has also found an audience among users with 3-D modeling and intensive graphics-rendering needs, like game development and AI/machine learning. It is currently embedded in a number of graphics and animation packages, and can be used to write scripts in ArcGIS, a propriety geographic information system.

Python programmers are highly employable, and demand for Python programming skills far out-paces the number of available Python programmers.  For someone who already has basic prior experience in any programming language, Python is easy to learn.  In addition, a Python certificate can translate into full-time employment for entry-level Python developers and they can earn a starting salary of up to $70,000.

Because demand for Python programming skills is so high, employers want to know that prospective hires actually have the skills they’re looking for.  One way to demonstrate your competence in Python programming is to earn a Python certificate.

Python Certificate Program

Bright Star Institute offers a cost-effective one-course Python certificate program that will prepare students to take and pass the Python Certification Exam. This on-demand course allows students to complete the core requirements at their own pace, using a variety of learning modes like video, hands-on lab exercises, and one-on-one sessions with a personal instructor.

Our 28-hour Python certificate curriculum is designed for individuals with prior scripting or programming experience. The course content includes:

  • Writing Python programs
  • Working with Python’s built-in objects
  • Reading and writing files
  • Communicating with database’s
  • Creating structured data with Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
  • Using exceptions to gracefully handle errors
  • Testing program features using Test Driven Development
  • Writing applications with Graphical User Interfaces
  • Writing clear and concise Regular Expressions
  • Organizing code with Functions and Classes

To ensure that students complete the Python certificate course successfully, Bright Star Institute provides all enrolled students with :

  • Electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Login credentials for lecture and lab materials
  • A personal facilitator to assist with questions or lab issues
  • A certificate of completion at the end of class

There are no registration fees or cancellation fees, and students can complete the coursework on their own preferred schedule.

If you’d like to enroll in our Python certificate course or would like to see our other IT course offerings, please visit Bright Star Institute on the web at https://www.brightstarinstitute.com/. You can also email admissions@brightstarinstitute.com or call us at (978) 256-9077 for more information.

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