Expected Entry Level Salary: Bright Star Institute (Part 2)

If you read the first installment of this two-part post (if you haven’t then check it out here) then you’re well aware that investing in an IT certificate program can help jump-start your career with great entry-level earnings and meaningful work. In the previous post, we covered certificate programs including C/C++, Java, Web Development, Unix/Linux Development, and Python. In part 2, we’re going to cover expected entry level salaries for jobs related to the remaining additional certificate programs offered by Bright Star.  In total, Bright Star Institute offers prospective students with 14 different tracks to choose from.

As a reminder to prospective students, all payment data and information is derived from PayScale and Glassdoor. Bright Star Institute does not guarantee that you’ll earn the listed amount by completing a certificate program, but Bright Star does guarantee you’ll have a skill set and competence deserving of an entry-level position.

.Net Developer Certificate Program:

Cost: $4,500

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $46,000 – $67,000

Skills Learned: Students will gain skills needed to create distributed applications as well as dynamic Web applications in the .NET environment. During the 5-course program students will create Windows and Web-based applications, including coverage of the MVC programming framework. Upon completion students can expect to be ready to enter the workforce as a C# .NET programmer. The advanced skills and techniques covered will help you stand out compared to other entry-level job seekers.

Mobile Application Developer Program:

Cost: $1,800

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $46,000 – $69,000

Skills Learned: Students will be able to code apps in both the Android and iPad/iPhone environments. More specifically, students will have competent skills for coding in Swift (iOS) as well as Java (Android). Students also have access to an optional course for Xamarin (Microsoft’s cross-platform environment) that conveniently allows for simultaneous development of Android and iOS apps.

SQL Developer Certificate Program:

Cost: $950

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $44,000 – $64,000

Skills Learned: The SQL Certificate program will give students a foundational understanding of relational database concepts, SQL syntax, and construction of complex SQL series using a variety of techniques. Furthermore, this 1-course program includes creation of stored procedures, functions and triggers. Students that complete the certificate program will have translatable skills that can help them perform in entry level roles in programming or technical support positions. The skills learned are applicable to many major database providers including MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Administrator Certificate Program

Cost: $1,800

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $40,000 – $61,000

Skills Learned: This 2-course track includes foundational coverage of RBD, SQL programming and administrating SQL 2016/2017 databases. Students will be able to develop complex queries, understand SQL syntax and finally use/create stored procedures, functions, views and triggers. The SQL Administrator certificate program topics include installing and configuring SQL, restoring databases and monitoring/optimizing an SQL server. This program will enable students to pursue an entry level role as a Microsoft SQL Administrator.

SQL Business Intelligence Developer Certificate Program:

Cost: $3,600

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $51,000 – $69,000

Skills Learned: This 4-course certificate program teaches students RBD fundamentals, SQL programming, reporting services (SSRS), integration services (SSIS), analysis services (SSAS), and Power BI functionality. Students will understand SQL syntax, complex queries, and creating stored procedures, functions, and triggers.  Students will feel comfortable deploying and managing SSRS as well as creating and customizing reports (Table, Matrix, Parameterized, and Linked). Successful completion will have students ready to pursue a position in Business Intelligence or Reporting at the entry level.


Part 2 Conclusion:

Bright Star Institute can help provide a jump-start to your new IT or programming career with on-demand training which includes facilitation and lab assistance from subject matter experts. Through a wide selection of certificate programs (14, see them here) prospective students will be able to find a certificate program that can lead them to their desired careers. The self-paced courses enable you to complete your training on your own time, within the confines of your schedule.

With so many technical terms and concepts it can be challenging to find the perfect course, so if you need assistance, please call Bright Star Institute and speak to a Course Advisor to guide you in the right direction!

Reach us here: 978-256-9077




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