Expected Entry Level Salary: Bright Star Institute Certificate Programs (Part 1)

According to the bureau of labor statistics, IT related jobs are expected to grow 12% through 2028, totaling almost 550,000 new jobs. If you’re considering a career change or learning a new skill, the best return on your investment might come from learning computer programming, database administration, software, or web development.

As expected, you’re probably wondering how much money you can make or what the return on your investment might be from an online certificate course with Bright Star Institute.

While Bright Star Institute can’t guarantee you’ll make a certain amount of money at the conclusion of a certificate program, we can guarantee that after completing a program you’ll be demonstrably competent in that appropriate skill set – making you a valuable asset to any company or employer looking for new hires.

Bright Star Institute currently offers fourteen (14) different certificate programs that can all be completed online and on your own time. By using information from PayScale and Glassdoor we can estimate the salary you can expect from an entry level position related to each of Bright Star’s certificate programs when considering the skills acquired in each program.

C/C++ Certificate Program:

Cost: $1,800

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $41,000 – $66,000

Skills Learned: In this 2-course program students can expect to be introduced and learn fundamental data types, flow control, standard function libraries and more. Students will also learn core object-oriented concepts used in programming such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. At the culmination, students will feel prepared to pursue an entry-level C/C++ position.

Java Programmer Certificate Program:

Cost: $1,800

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $41,000 – $55,000

Skills Learned: The Java Programmer certificate program consists of 2 courses that hone in on the skills needed to code, compile, and run standalone object-oriented java programs. Upon completion of the program students will have gained enough knowledge and skills and to pursue an entry level Java Programmer position in the corporate world.

Unix/Linux Software Developer Certificate:

Cost: $2,700

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $49,000 – $68,000

Skills Learned: Students will learn the fundamentals of UNIX/Linux and and be introduced to the ANSI C language. Students will be exposed to everything from command line syntax to fundamental data types in this three (3) course program. This certificate program is versatile and upon competition students will be competent to pursue entry level positions in C Programming, C++ Programming, and/or Java Programming. Furthermore, a student will be able to work in a Windows or Unix development environment.

Python Certificate Program:

Cost: $950

Expected Entry Level Starting Salary (Annual): $41,000 – $70,000:

Skills Learned: Through the Python Certificate Program students will gain knowledge and skills that enable them to write scripts to manipulate data, automate tasks, perform error handling, and more. Bright Star recommends having some prior scripting knowledge and experience to maximize course effectiveness in this 1-course program . When completed, students will have gained skills to perform well in an entry-level Python Programming position.

Web Developer Certificate Program:

Cost: $4,500

Expected Entry Level Salary (Annual): $36,000 – $54,000

Skills Learned: The Web Developer Certificate teaches student to implement web pages using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and responsive design techniques. Hands-on exercises leave students with the ability to create mobile friendly sites that are required for today’s web developers. Students will complete the program with a vast and versatile set of skills that will help students stand out for an entry-level Web Developer position.


Part 1 Conclusion

In the second installment of Expected Salary, we will cover the remainder of Bright Star Institute’s on-demand certificate programs. Each certificate program provides great value and sets you up for success with videos, hands-on lab exercises, and one-on-one facilitation as your schedule permits.

With impressive starting salaries (and a plethora of job openings), its not hard to see the value of learning IT related skills in 2020. Technology impacts businesses more each day and the return on investment, of both time and money, is well worth it.

Lastly, if you’re overwhelmed by which option might be best for you, reach out to Bright Star Institute at 978-256-9077 and speak with a Course Advisor, who can help you find the right training that aligns with your career goals.



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