If you’re looking for a great opportunity to advance your technology skills and prepare yourself for the next stage of your career, consider becoming a Linux Administrator.  The average salary for experienced Linux Administrators in the United States is approaching $100,000 per year.

Bright Star Institute offers a two-course program that will teach you the skills you need to work as a Linux Administrator. In addition, upon completing the Bright Star Institute program, you’ll be prepared to take the Linux Essentials certification exam from the Linux Professionals Institute.

Our two-course program teaches you the skills you need to land entry-level employment as a Unix/Linux system administrator. This includes Unix/Linux system fundamentals; shell scripting using the Bash and Korn shells; X Windows; regular expressions; installation, configuration and maintenance of enterprise Linux systems; configuring and deploying network services; effective backup strategies and more advanced skills that will increase your value to employers.

The first course, Unix/Linux Fundamentals and Shell Scripting, students will gain a general understanding of the core Unix/Linux operation system, and its major components, including the Linux kernel, shells and file structure. Students will also learn how to log in; the rules for command-line syntax; and how to access help through the built-in help system in Unix/Linux.

In the course, students will learn the significance of working with secure shells, and how and when to use them. In addition, students will learn the basics of shell programming, scripting and script execution.

The first course also focuses on the desktop user environment, open-source “office” applications; window managers; text editors; command-line interfaces; mail programs; the Unix/Linux file system; printing and the Unix/Linux print environment;

Hands-on exercises will show students how to manipulate strings; use korn and bash commands inside these shells; and how to install and deploy enterprise-class Linux servers. Students will also learn administrator skills, including starting and stopping Linux servers; server maintenance; setting file and directory permissions; performing backups; and troubleshooting.

The second course, Linux System Administration, helps students build more advanced skills, like configuring and sharing file systems and devices via the network. The focus of the second course is on enterprise-level Unix/Linux administration. Students will learn how to support SSH, NFS, Samba and Apache Web services.  In addition, students will also learn how to administer a common combination of services – Linux, Apache, MySQl and Python/Perl/PHP (LAMP) tools – designed to support Web services.

The lab assignments require students to configure and administer CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installations. Much of what students learn from these two operating systems also apply to other Linux distributions, like Oracle Solaris, Ubuntu and Scientific Linux.

In this second course, we introduce Linux system administration, installation and configuration and device management in Unix/Linux. The second course also explores user and group management, security and working with the Linux kernel. Students will also learn the basics of Unix/Linux troubleshooting; networking and the Networked File System (NFS).

Each course contains 35 hours of intensive instruction, delivered via easy-to-follow videos. Students will participate in hands-on lab experiences to reinforce the concepts in each course.  As always, Bright Star Institute will assign a personal instructor to each student to help them navigate the material, answer questions and support student learning objectives as needed.

Linux Professional Institute certification is not included in the course curriculum, however students who complete the two-course Bright Star Institute package will be fully prepared to seek out the Linux Essentials certification afterwards.

If you’d like to enroll in our Linux Administration course or would like to see our other IT course offerings, please visit Bright Star Institute on the web at https://www.brightstarinstitute.com/. You can also email admissions@brightstarinstitute.com or call us at (978) 256-9077 for more information.


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